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Planning Advice: How to Comment on a Planning Application

The following sets out the criteria for commenting on a planning application.  The advice is relevant to whatever Borough the application is in.  This advice is not solely for making an objection; you can support an application or make a comment.  It maybe in principle you are happy with the application but are concerned eg.  The roof of a single storey extension could be used as an amenity space with subsequent overlooking you could ask that a condition be placed on the planning permission restricting that use. 

Please note that by law your comments, including your name and address, are open to inspection by the public and, in the event of an appeal, may be passed on to the Secretary of State.  Because of this submissions marked “confidential” cannot be taken into account.

You should note that in Lambeth your comments can be seen on the Council’s website, in Croydon only the address and nature of comment is shown i.e. Objects.

When applications are assessed, only those comments that concern relevant material planning considerations can be taken into account and not those based on personal dislikes, grievances, non-planning issues associated with nuisance claims or legal disputes, etc.  Make sure you look at the plans and associated documents so that you have an understanding of the issues. 

Examples of material considerations can include:

  • Government policy and guidance
  • The London Plan
  • Policies in the Local Plan
  • Supplementary Planning Documents e.g. Building Alterations and Extensions
  • Siting, design, materials and external appearance of the proposed development (for example, the height or bulk in relation to neighbouring properties)
  • Loss of sunlight, daylight or outlook
  • Overlooking or loss of privacy
  • Likelihood of undue noise, or fumes from the proposed use
  • Highway safety
  • Adequacy of proposed parking and access arrangements
  • Impact of additional traffic
  • Effect on listed buildings and conservation areas
  • Loss of trees
  • Landscaping and proposals for boundary treatment (walls or fences)

Examples of objections which are generally not material considerations and which will not normally be taken into account in the assessment of an application include:

  • Effect on property values
  • Loss of a private view
  • Noise, disturbance or inconvenience resulting from construction works (this is covered by the Control of Pollution Act)
  • Matters controlled under building regulations or other non planning laws
  • Boundary and land disputes (including party wall agreement issues)
  • Restrictive covenants (including rights to light)
  • Rights of way
  • Opposition to business competition
  • Applicant’s personal circumstances (unless these can be show to be relevant in planning terms, for example, the provision of disabled facilities)
  • Opposition to the principle of development for which outline planning permission has already been granted

Below are links to the Croydon and Lambeth Council website. You will also find details of the relevant Council policies that you can use when submitting your comments.




You should aim to submit your comment by the statutory consultation deadline, however you can check on the applications progress to check if a decision has been made on the relevant Council’s website.

When you send your comments if you don’t do it online ensure you include the planning application reference number and address.  You should always include these details in any correspondence you send to the Council.

The Norwood Society monitors planning applications and comments where it feels it is appropriate.