The Norwood Society

No 1. Winter 1959/60. Launch of Society for the Preservation of Upper Norwood and District. Detailed aims. Questions for the Chairman of Croydon’s Planning and Development Committee on 2nd February. 100 members. Publicity details. Article ‘The Changing Face of Norwood’ by Alan Warwick. Planning information.

No 2. Spring 1960. Obit Mrs Jenkins. Petition Beaulieu Heights result. ‘80 years ago’. Planning information ‘Changing Face of Norwood’ by L H Cudby. Civic Trust.

No 3. Summer 1960. Redevelopment policy. ‘Changing face of Norwood’ by Rev Eric Bailey.

No 4. Autumn 1960. Obit Sir Alan Ellis (Vice President). Bungalow Road History. ‘The Crystal Palace’, ‘The Changing Face of Norwood’ by Geoffrey Spain.

No 5 Winter 1960. Society for the Preservation of Upper Norwood and District. Beaulieu Heights Estate not suitable for a Bird Sanctuary. Press publicity. ‘The Changing Face of Norwood’ by Alan Warwick. Ly-ee-moon estate plans. Demolition of 252 South Norwood Hill. Plans for 226-230 South Norwood Hill.

No 5a.Winter 1960. ‘Sir Ninian Comper’ by Alan Warwick, ‘Beaulieu Heights’ by H M H F. Comments by the officers on the role of the Society for the Preservation of Upper Norwood and District. ‘How the Society influences planning’. ‘I remember Norwood’ by E W Clark.

No 6. Spring 1961. Obit Sir Ninian Comper. ‘The Lawns Allotments’ by Miss Rice Byrne and
H M H F. Lord Bossom new President. National Trust. ‘I remember Norwood’ Miss Rice Byrne.

No 7. Summer 1961. ITA mast approved. ‘Jubilee of Norwood Park’. ‘ I remember Norwood’ by Wilfrid Milligan.

No 8. Autumn 1961. ‘Some Glimpses of Norwood’ by Alan Warwick. ‘Norwood Grove’, poem ‘Norwood’ by Thomas Parrott (1821), ‘I remember…’ by Old Boy.

No 9. Winter 1961. ‘South Norwood Lake and Grounds’ by E L. Plans for Crystal Palace Exhibition.

No 10. Spring 1962. Threat to Norwood Hospital. Plans for Crystal Palace Recreation Centre.. Flats in Beulah Hill – controversy. Scheme for Kitley & Cantley Gardens opposed. Plans for 252-262 South Norwood Hill. Plans for ‘The Crystal Palace Story’ exhibition on 2nd May. Poem ‘The Crystal palace Mast’ by Pat Tidmarsh (age 14). Article ‘The Crystal Palace Story’ by E. L.

No 11. Summer 1962. ‘The Great Exhibition’.

No 12. Autumn 1962. ‘New Crystal Palace’ Finest in the World. Vicar’s Oak Roundabout. ‘All Creatures were Merry’ – opening of Upper Norwood Recreation Ground.

No 13. Winter 1962. Exhibition costs. ‘This was Hazelwood’ by E L.

No 14. Spring 1963. Nothing of note.

No 15. Summer 1963. Beaulieu Heights progress. Triangle plans. ‘Pissarro in Norwood’ by H W. ‘More about Hazelwood’ by R. McN. R.

No 16. Autumn 1963. New Triangle? ‘A Mess and a Clutter’ by H W. ‘I remember Norwood’ by
Mrs Gwendoline Kaenal.

No 17. Winter 1963. Plans for the Police Building in Sylvan Hill. ‘I remember Norwood’ by A R Llewellin-Taylour. ‘High on a breezy hill-top’ from ‘Household Words’ of 31 August 1850, probably by Charles Dickens about the Aubin Pauper School. New shops and flats at 245 South Norwood Hill.

No 18. Spring 1964. Progress Report – Fourth Year by R S. ‘Crystal Palace Reborn’ (National Recreation Centre). Norwood Society (Massachussetts) formed.

No 19. Summer 1964. Banner from USA to be presented. ‘Recollections of Norwood’ by Walter T Taylor.

No 20. Autumn 1964. Banner presented. ‘Thurlow Lodge’ by I L E. ‘New Palace’ from ‘New Society’.

No 21. Winter 1964. Planning deputation to Croydon. Essay ‘How I would like to see Norwood in the future’ by Lesley Juniper aged 12. New Methodist Church in Westow Hill.

No 22. Spring 1965. Essays report. Beaulieu Heights opened.

No 23. Summer 1965. ‘Norwood’s Heritage – Trees’ by Owen Luder. ‘Residents past and present’ by Ms G L Eades. Crystal Palace Exhibition Centre scheme.

No 24. Autumn 1965. ‘Vox Populi’ by Ivor Lightman – planning issues. ‘My Grandest Memory’ extract from ‘A Book of London Yesterdays’ by Frederick Willis. ‘The Triangle Memories’ by W L Toulmin-Smith (nee Lois Gandy). More on Crystal Palace Exhibition Centre. Owen Luder. ‘Norwood – Early History’ by Mrs G Eades. ’Motorised Rubbish’ by Owen Luder. National Recreation Centre by Emlyn Jones.

No 25. Winter 1965. ‘Gardening Notes’ by George Porthecary (series continued in later issues). ‘The Golden Sovereign’ from Frederick Willis’s Book of London Yesterdays. Skiing at Crystal Palace. ‘Tomorrow’s Lambeth Today’ by Owen Luder. Christ Church Gipsy Hill. ‘Living with the Palace’ exhibition planned.

No 26. Spring 1966. ‘A Day at Norwood – 1840’ by Mrs Eades. ‘Clean Air’ by Owen Luder.

No 27. Summer/Autumn 1966. ‘Norwood in about 1836’ by Mrs Eades. ‘and 1876’ by Mrs Eades. ‘ Paxton, the quite unaltered gardener’ by Frances Collingwood (reprinted from ‘ Building). ‘Norwood Sports Club’, ‘Those Beulah Hill Hoardings’ by Owen Luder. ‘Fire Engine’ extract from book by Frederick Willis.

No 28. Winter 1966 (misprinted as 1967). ‘Norwood in the past – The Vicar’s Oak’ – extract from 1990 book ‘Norwood and Dulwich’ by Allan Galer.

No 28 (repeat). Review of ‘ Dulwich Discovered’ by William Darby.

No 29. Spring 1967. ‘A local celebrity – Pissarro’ by I L E. ‘Norwood in the Past – The Norwood Gipsies’. From ‘Norwood and Dulwich’ by Allan Galer. ‘Trees and Transplanting’ by Owen Luder.

No 30. Summer 1967. ‘The First Review’. South London Theatre Centre. ‘Lord Chancellor Thurlow’ by I L Eades.

No 31. Autumn 1967. ‘Sir Joseph Paxton’. London Amenity and Transport Association (LATO) formed. ‘The Crown and London’s Development’ extract from ‘London Growing’ by Michael Harrison.

No 32. Winter 1967. ‘The Effra River’ extract from ‘London’s Lost Rivers’ by N Barton. ‘Words and Music’ by Joan Warwick. ‘Croydon Homes of the Past’ by I L Eades (Bensham Manor).

No 33. Spring 1968. ‘The Old Horsebus’ from book ‘London Yesterdays’ by Frederick Willis.

No 34. Autumn 1968. ‘Virgo Fidelis Convent’ by I L Eades. ‘Uncle Tom and the Crystal Palace’ by E L Shanks.

No 35. Winter 1968. ‘Toys of Yesteryear’, ‘A Brief History of the Spoon’, ‘ Marlowe’ by Mrs M Voss.

No 36. Spring 1969. ‘The night the Crystal Palace burnt down’ by R Kelf-Cohen. ‘Memories over seventy years’.

No 37. Summer 1969. ‘A Plan for the Triangle’ by Audrey Hammond. Crystal Palace Exhibition Centre plan abandoned. ‘After the Crystal Palace was burnt down’ by R Kelf-Cohen.

No 38. Autumn 1969. Triangle Exhibition planned. ‘Fitzroy of the Beagle’ by Adelaide Lubbock
No 39. Winter 1970. ‘The Triangle Exhibition – and after’ by Ivor Lightman. Photographs of 1968 Norwood by Jack Reddall. ‘Go West Rich Man’ by Owen Luder (a trip to the USA).

No 40. Spring 1970. ‘Plus ca change’ planning report by Ivor Lightman for 8-year period. ‘Floreat the Norwood Club’ by R. McN. R. ‘Birds of Norwood’ extracts from W. Aldridge’s ‘Gossip on the Wild Birds of the Norwood and Crystal Palace District’ (1885).

No 41. Summer 1970. ‘Planners and the Planned’ A BBC television programme that features the Norwood Society. ‘Architects take interest in Triangle’ Article from ‘Architectural Design’ by L. Hansen. ‘That Giant Greenhouse’ from Cubitts Magazine. ‘Panorama of Norwood 1888’ from Platt’s Christmas Pennyworth and Yearbook for 1888. ‘London’s Emeralds’ An article on London’s trees by E O Hoppe from the Journal of the Men of the Trees Society.

No 42. Autumn 1970. ‘South from Norwood’ by Philip Daniell – Bromley’s open spaces and walks. ‘A teenager at the Crystal Palace fire’ by G F Warren.

No 43. Winter 1970. ‘Housing Associations and their history’ talk by G Hall of the Haymarket Housing Association. Anerley Library has large collection of papers and photographs about the Crystal Palace fire. ‘Old Tyme Music Hall in Candlelight’ by Renate Vinnell. ‘Victorian Versifier’ Martin Farquhar Tupper of 13 Cintra Park. Proposal for Crystal Palace Leisure Centre the ‘Fun Park’.Central Hill development by Lambeth Council. Picnics at High Elms and Jewels Wood, Bromley.

No 44. Spring 1971. Transport Museum proposal for Crystal Palace. Picnics at High Elms and Jewel’s Wood (Bromley). Housing on Central Hill.
No 45. Summer 1971. ‘Norwood Building of Special Architectural or Historic Interest’ by David Kenyon. The GLC’s Road Plan for the Triangle. ‘Bird Catching in Norwood’ by J A Wright.

No 46. Autumn 1971. ‘Dutch Elm Disease’ by R Roxburgh. Annual Dinner talk by Lawrence Bains, by Renate Vinnell. Article from Civic Trust Newsletter ‘How to present a case for conservation’ Publications by Croydon Parks Department ‘Coulsdon Downs Nature Trail’ and ‘Woodland Ramble’. Article ‘Birds of Norwood in 1933’ by J A Wright – F G Swayne’s ‘Birds of the Norwood District’ from the London Naturalist for 1933. Effingham Lodge – did Madame Tussaud live there, and did Sarah Siddons live at what is now Virgo Fidelis Junior School? Derek Ems. Reprinted from the Norwood Review No 6 – 1961: ‘Norwood’s Open Spaces – The Lawns’. ‘Dictionary of the Environment’ by Peter Gresswell, ARICS.

No 47. January 1972. All Saints’ Headmaster’s House to be demolished. ‘Norwood, Massachusetts’ by Alan Warwick. (Banner stolen). ‘Landscaping of New Developments’ and ‘Dutch Elm Disease’ by R McN Roxburgh. ‘Countryside’ article about Bromley walks by Philip Daniell. ‘Birds of Norwood Today’ by J A Wright. ‘The Changing Face of Norwood’ by Rev. Eric Bailey.

No 48. Summer 1972. List of 63 Norwood buildings of Architectural and Historic interest. Tree Preservation Orders in Norwood Area by R. McN. Roxburgh. Countryside – Walking at Downe by Philip Daniell.

No 49. Autumn 1972. ‘Surprise View of Norwood’ in National Museum of Art Washington DC – probably by Pissarro. Article by E C Shanks. ‘A Norwood Idyll’ by Stella Lightman – Garden Party at house of Mr and Mrs Yaxley. ‘New Ringway Proposals’ Croydon, Tooting, Streatham and Bromley spared. ‘The Crystal Palace Festival 1951’ extracts from article by B J Pounsett. Plans for new Palace. ‘Eleven Years Ago – a reprint from Norwood Review No 5, Winter 1961. ’12 Years Ago’. A reprint from Norwood Review No 2 Spring 1960. ‘The Changing Face of Norwood’ by L H Cudby, F.L.A. ‘Norwood and the Environment’ Letter to Countess of Dartmouth from John Yaxley about the human habitat - the Stockholm Conference.

No 50. Winter 1972. Launch of ‘The Phoenix Suburb’. Dinner – report – guest Mr Malynn, Vice Chairman of the GLC’s Arts and Recreation Sub-Committee. . ‘National Tree Planting Year’ by R. Roxburgh. ‘News from Down Under’ by Philip Daniell (Penge and Anerley). ‘Community Care in Upper Norwood’ by Brian Pavitt. ‘Classical Music at the Palace’ by June Wright. ‘Pubs and Tea Gardens’ – extract from The Phoenix Suburb.

No 51. Spring 1973. Room rented at St Aubyn’s – a headquarters for the Society. ‘The Norwood Sickness’ – two letters from Alan R Warwick published in the Crystal Advertiser warning against apathy. ‘London’s Waterside’ publication by London Transport which includes the Croydon Canal. ‘Technique for rescuing old buildings’ Building preservation trusts. Tree Planting Year 1973’ ‘Country Matters’ by Philip Daniell, Norwood’s Countryside. ‘Pop at the Palace’ by June Wright. ‘Railways of Norwood’ Extract from ‘The Phoenix Suburb’.

No 52. Summer 1973. Blue plaque in Tennison Road for Conan Doyle. Annual Report 1972-3. Society’s new HQ officially opened. ‘A Walk in the Park’ by Michael Kemp (Norwood Park). ‘Mendelssohn in Norwood’ Extract from The Phoenix Suburb. Obituary – Mrs Helen Hamilton Flint.

No 53. Autumn 1973. ‘Anerley in Retrospect’ by Philip Daniell. Obituaries: Mr R Roxburgh and Major H H Field. ‘People and the Triangle’ extracts from a case study by Maureen Taylor and Peter Stringer from the Journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute. ‘Founding the Norwood Society’ extract from The Phoenix Suburb’.

No 54. Winter 1973. ‘A Palace Revolution’ by Leo Held (Public Meeting). ‘Conservation and Development’ by Victor Larcher. Article ‘Action on the Triangle’.

No 55. Spring 1974. Obituary: Alan Warwick and a poem by Mrs Amy Jenn. Civic Trust Award for Windsor House, 11 Manor Road, SE25. ‘Three Norwood Poems’ by Michael Kemp.

No 56. Summer 1974. Annual Report 1973.

No 57. Autumn 1974. ‘Norwood Walkabout’ by Stella Lightman. ‘The Crystal Palace 1920’ article by John C Watkinson.

No 58. Winter 1974. ‘All Our (Press) Yesterdays’ by John Yaxley. ‘The Crystal Palace 1920’ Part 2 of article by John C Watkinson.

No 59. Spring 1975. Croydon Exhibition 1975. Coombe Cliff Conservatory’. ‘Spurgeon’s College scheme for houses’. ‘Updating West Norwood Station’ by Michael Kemp. ‘South London Nostalgia’ by Owen Luder: review of ‘Say Goodbye: you may never see them again’
No 60. Summer 1975. Spurgeon’s College housing scheme refused. Annual Report for 1974. ‘Underground Railway in Crystal Palace’ ‘100 years of Harold Road’ by R Kelf-Cohen. Blue plaque for John Logie Baird. ‘Sonnet to the Crystal Palace’ by G Biddulph.

No 61. Autumn 1975. Reservoir for Beaulieu Heights? West Norwood Cinema opens at the Nettlefold Hall. Experimental closing of Westow Hill. Search for the atmospheric railway in Crystal Palace Park More on the proposed reservoir in Beaulieu Heights. Norwood Society’s proposals for Crystal Palace. Postcard showing pneumatic railway. Beulah Spa pub at Farnley, nr Leeds: link with William Pawson (Farnley Road and Pawson’s Road, South Norwood). 1911 – only 3 houses in Eversley Road. ‘Strangers Walk round Upper Norwood’ by Muriel Huitson. Publications: ‘West Norwood’ by Michael Kemp, and St. Luke’s West Norwood 1825-1975 by Holdaway and Lambert.

No 62. Winter 1975. Tivoli Lodge – plea for restoration. Speeches at Annual Dinner in October. ‘The Seamy Side of Victorian Norwood’ by James Wright. ‘Strangers Walk round Upper Norwood II’ by Muriel Huitson. ‘Countryside in Winter’ by Philip Daniell.

No 63. Spring 1976. Annual Report 1975.

No 64. Summer 1976. Description of the Massachusetts banner. More on Tivoli Lodge. Scheme for a Woodland Walk between Auckland Road and Church Road. ‘Upper Norwood in 1910’ by R Kelf-Cohen. ‘Woodland Walk in Upper Norwood’ by Hilda Franks and Hilda Gilbert. ‘Planning and the People’ by William Marshall from the Streatham Society.

No 65. Autumn 1976. The Jubilee Viewing Tower Scheme for Crystal Palace. Tivoli Lodge being restored. West Norwood Cemetery and ‘The Tombstone Trail’. ‘Planning and the People II’ ‘Black Blizzard’ by John C Watkinson. ‘A letter from the past’ by Muriel Huitson: dated 1837 from ‘The Evangelical Magazine’: a chapel in Westow Hill.

No 66. Spring 1977. Annual Dinner at the Queen’s Hotel discontinued on grounds of cost. ‘The Lawns’: history by D Holmes. ‘Where do we go from here?’ by John C Watkinson: future of Crystal Palace.

No 67. Summer 1977. (Silver Jubilee issue). Dinner and Dance at the Portland Room. Account of 17 years of work by the Society. Beaulieu Heights Pumping Station.’No Tower at the Palace’ by Tony Aldous (reproduced from Sunday Times). Scheme to demolish part of the Queen’s Hotel and build a private hospital. ‘The Architect of St John’s’ by L Craske.

No 68. Autumn 1977. More about the Beaulieu Heights Pumping Station. ‘When nightingales sang in Norwood’ by James Wright. Poem jby Thomas Parrott 1821 ‘Norwood’. ‘My Italian Poplar’ by John C Watkinson. ‘Norwood Licensees of the 1870’s’ by Muriel Huitson. ‘The Hornimans and Coombe Cliffe’

No 69. Spring 1978. Annual Report 1977. ‘West Norwood Notes’ by Geoffrey Manning.

No 70. Summer 1978. St Aubyn’s Church – its future. Walkabout – West Norwood. Pat Scott, new Chief Librarian at Upper Norwood Library. ‘Paxton’s Folly’ by John C Watkinson. ‘Henry Ward Beechers’ Norwood’ by James Wright.

No 71. Autumn 1978. Obituaries: Bob Carter Pedler and Oliver Stallybrass. Book reviews: ‘People in Glass Houses’ by Adelaide Lubbock. ‘Norwood Excerpts’ by James Wright.

No 72. Spring 1979. ‘Your Croydon’ Society’s views set out in a letter of 28th December 1978. ‘Admiral Robert Fitzroy – His Grave’ by Hilda Gilbert.

No 73. Summer 1979. ‘Screamin’ Alice – Crystal Palace’ by John Yaxley. Poem ‘The Indispensable Man’ (with acknowledgements to J N of ‘Rotary’). Poem ‘On Membership’ contributed by Doreen Gondolo.

No 74. Autumn 1979. ‘Subway Superday’ on 29th September. Norwood Cottage Hospital – proposed closure. Croydon approve housing for Triangle and St Aubyn’s. West Norwood – proposed swimming pool for Norwood Park. ‘Elizabeth Freeman’ by Roshan Reynolds. ‘ Crystal Palace Low Level Station’ by Roger Brewer. ‘Lambeth’s Open Spaces – an historical account’ by G. Manning.

No 75. Spring 1980. Obituary: Christopher Grieves.’ Norwood Walk’ (West Norwood – Dulwich) by Harold Lockwood. ‘The Crystal Palace Park of 1854 – A guided Tour’ by Christine H Northeast – booklet at 80p.

No 76. Summer 1980. Obituary: Mr A W Scott by R Kelf-Cohen. ‘Everybody on Parade’ by Joan Warwick – Subway Superday. Annual Report 1979.

No 77. Autumn 1980. Fire-damaged wing of Queen’s Hotel demolished. ‘What’s Wrong with the Crystal Palace District’ or ‘It didn’t start today’ by Paul W Sowan (Christopher Charles Fagg’s papers 1906-1910)’ ‘Grandmother’s Steps: A Postcript to ‘People in Glass Houses’ by Adelaide Lubbock (to be continued).

No 78. Spring 1981. Obituary: R Kelf-Cohen. ‘All Our (Press) Yesterdays’ extract from article in 1974 by John Yaxley. ‘Grandmother’s Steps II’ by Adelaide Lubbock.

No 79. Summer 1981. Obituary: Adelaide Lubbock. Annual Report 1980. ‘New York’s Crystal Palace’ by Joan Warwick.

No 80. Autumn 1981. Headquarters fire – loss of records including past Norwood Reviews. Bill Pitt elected MP. ‘Happy Christmas at the Crystal Palace – 1902’ ‘Grandmother’s Steps III) by Adelaide Lubbock. ‘The Fitzroy Grave – An Epilogue’ by Hilda Gilbert.

No 81. Spring 1982. ‘Everybody Wanted to be at The Crystal Palace’ by C P Corner. ‘Grandmother’s Steps IV’ by Adelaide Lubbock.

No 82. Summer 1982. Annual Report 1981. Second Edition of ‘The Phoenix Suburb’. ‘The ‘Other’ Norwood Review: Daily Life 100 years ago’ by Juliet Daniel. ‘Darwin and Fitzroy’ by Hilda Gilbert. ‘Listed Buildings in Lambeth’.

No 83. Autumn 1982. ‘Grandmother’s Steps V’ by Adelaide Lubbock. ‘All Saints is Top of the List’ by Richard Offer (Rosendale Road).

No 84. Winter 1982. Society achieves charity status. ‘Planning for Norwood’ by Geoffrey Manning. ‘Five Acre North Wood Returns’ by Hilda M Gilbert (Farquhar Road). ‘Christmas at the Palace – 1903 Style’ by John Yaxley. ‘Are all the crafts in Devon?’ by Richard Offer (Liz Mundle of W Norwood).

No 85. Spring 1983. Fire at Christ Church, Gipsy Hill. ‘From Norwood to Kensington without Wandsworth in sight’ by Richard Offer (Adelaide, Australia). ‘The night the crystal Palace burnt down’ by R Kelf-Cohen. Book review ‘Around Dulwich’ by Brian Green. ‘True Love in Victorian Streatham’- love letters from 1899 ‘Dearest Beatie my Darling Jack’ by Rosalie Vicars-Harris and David Fordham.

No 86. Summer 1983. ‘Elderwood’ a history of what was a workhouse built in 1910. ‘Dulwich Picture Gallery by Giles Waterfield, and John Sheeran. Annual Report 1982. ‘A Great Man for History’ by Joan Warwick - obituary for George T Mahoney from Norwood, Massachusetts. ‘Norwood at War’ article by Helen Wichtowski (nee Welch). ‘The Fitzroy Connection’ by Hilda Gilbert.

No 87. Autumn 1983. Reference to loss of large part of the Society’s archive material in the fire at St Aubyn’s. ‘The Royal Beulah Spa and Gardens’ by Hilda Franks. ‘Find Norwood’s Surviving Plants’ article fron the CNHSS challenging people to find plants described in the 1836 ‘Flora Metropolitana’ by Daniel Coper and the 1877 ‘New London Flora’ by Eyre Charles de Crespigny. ‘Paris Honours Le Crystal Palace’ by Lynne Offer. ‘Is it Death or Renaissance for Norwood Cemetery’ by Richard Offer. ‘Tulip called Paxton in Yorkshire’.

No 88. Winter 1983. ‘Crystal Palace at Christmas – Edwardian Style’ by John Yaxley. ‘Palace Limericks’. ‘Who designed the Subway’ – Edward Barry. ‘Albert lives at the RCA’ by Richard Offer. ‘Books for Christmas Stockings’ by Lynne Offer: The Streets of London by S Fairfield, Postal History of Crystal Palace by Maurice Bristow, The Phoenix Suburb by Alan Warwick, The London Encyclopaedia by Ben Weinreb and Christopher Hibbert, London South (Buildings of England Series) by Nikolaus Pevsner.

No 89. March 1984. Festival of Architecture. No 1 Beulah Hill plan. Elderwood (West Norwood) saved. Dr Johnson and the Thrale family. ‘Glimpses of Victorian School Life’ by Geoffrey Manning. ‘Wild Birds of Norwood and Crystal Palace in the 1880’s’ further article by Paul W Sowan. ‘Charles Dickens and Norwood’ - account of talk by Alan S Watts.

No 90. June 1984. No 1 Beulah – further report. ‘The Conservation of Crystal Palace – Food for Thought’ by Joan Warwick. Reports on conservation – West Norwood and Bromley. ‘Conservation and the Garden I’ by a Member. ‘Conservation and the Garden II’ by Owen Williams-Ellis. ‘Who does own the Drinking Fountain’ (in South Norwood Hill) by Doris C H Hobbs. ‘What Norwood wants from its new Community Centre’ by John Yaxley. ‘What became of the Crystal Palace District Annual?’ by Paul W Sowan.

No 91. September 1984. Anerley Town Hall to be kept. Fate of Drinking Fountain at the top of Cypress Road. ‘Disappearing South Norwood’ by Hugh Byford. ‘First Class Pillar Boxes in Norwood’ by Joan Warwick. ‘Pissarro in Upper Norwood’ by Shirley Hughes. Cutting about Norwood Grove and immediate area from New Zealand by Betty Hunter. Closure of Norwood Cottage Hospital. Lower Norwood to West Norwood in 1885.

No 92. December 1984. Chairman’s Notes – Crystal Palace items.Visit to High Elms Estate, Bromley to hear the St Barbe Memorial Lecture. Post Box outside 27 Cintra Park. Replacement flats for the burnt-out Christchurch in Gipsy Hill approved. ‘The Norwood Society and the Crystal Palace’ – a personal view by John Yaxley. ‘When the Palace was a War Museum’ (in 1924) by Stephen Brookes. ‘An Edwardian in Town’- ‘The Handy Handbook of London’. ‘Books for Christmas’. Demolition of part of ‘The Bungalow’ in Harold Road to reduce the rates. ‘Time and Arnull’s Road’ by Alan Warwick. ‘The Pissarro Family in Upper Norwood’ by Nicholas Reed. ‘The Gentleman Architect who lived in Norwood’ by Richard Offer. ‘Fire Bells’ by Joan Warwick and Mr J P Cooney.

No 93. March 1985. Opening of Phoenix Centre took place on 2nd February. Fire bell from 148 Church Road presented to the Society. Crystal Park responsibility passes from GLC to Bromley Council. £100 donation to Beulah Spa memorial. Gerald Wells and the Wireless Museum. ‘The Southern Black Country’ (until 1800). By Jeremy Hodgekinson.

No 94. June 1985. ‘Lower Norwood in the 1870’s’ (1868-75 map). ‘Twenties’ Nightmare on Norwood’s Buses’ by Roger Brewer. ‘A Croydon Museum at last?’ (The Riesco Collection). Documents on the sale of ‘The Tyrol’ and other transactions donated by Mr Cooney. All Saints School History booklet presented to the Society by Francis Wood, together with an album set of the Croydon Advertiser’s reproduction postcards of the Crystal Palace. Also Mr James Hunt donated a plan showing Second War features in the grounds of the Norwood Club. Advance notice of publication of ‘Crystal Palace – Norwood Heights’ by Audrey Hammond.

No 95. September 1985. New publication describing the history of the Royal Beulah Spa site (70p). ‘A Super Subway for our Subway Superday’ by John Yaxley. ’60 Years Ago’ by Charles Weaver. ’45 Years Ago’ by Pauline Maguire. ’The Mystery of the Major-General’ by Geoffrey Manning. (Major General Edward Rea RMLI). ‘Colby Road’s Controversial Resident’ (Annie Besant). ‘A Landgrabber’s Charter’ – extract from Heritage Outlook by Duncan Mackay, Open Spaces Society.

No 96. December 1985. 72 Harold Road – part demolition – flats approved. ‘Puzzles about the Norwood Brewery’ by Geoffrey Manning. Article reproduced from the ‘London Drinker’. ‘The First 25 years – A personal recollection’ by John Yaxley. ‘The Crystal Palace Fete’ (1854) from the Illustrated London News. Newspaper (The Lloyds Weekley Newspaper’ for March 8th 1896) donated by Mr D H Woods – Crystal Palace article and Norwood advertisements. Talk by Dr Ron Cox on ‘Croydon at War’.

No 97. March 1986. ‘A Cautionary Tale of Knights Hill Housing’ (212/214 Knights Hill) by Geoffrey Manning. ‘Shop tucked onto Croydon List’ 2 Arnulls Road old plans held by owner. Bromley to take over Crystal Palace Park. Swedenborgian Church in Waldegrave Road to be converted into flats. Obituary for Amy Jenn. Local History Group started – Keith Holdaway as Chairman.

No 98. June 1986. First meeting of Local History Group – Working Committee elected. New Organisation (UNIT) formed to promote Upper Norwood (Upper Norwood Improvement Team). Annual Report 1985. ‘Surrey’s Terrible Weather’ (1728-1973).

No 99. September 1986. ‘The Good Old Days’ – Lambeth Medical Officer’s Report for 1877 – Small-Pox Epidemic. ‘Fifty Years without the Palace’ by John Yaxley. ‘Roads and Public Transport’ by David Bentliff. ‘Up the Wall’ by Geoffrey Manning. Advertisements and signs on walls.