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People in Glass Houses

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to an autobiography by our own charming President, The Hon. Mrs. Maurice Lubbock. In reading it one can understand how the grace she exudes comes so naturally to her. Adelaide Lubbock's book spans the first quarter of this century. It is a record of her early life spent in this country and in Australia where her father, Sir Arthur Stanley, was Governor of Victoria. The Stanley family comes over as made up of very real people. Through a combination of her own memories and her mother's letters, Mrs. Lubbock gives a fascinating account of her childhood in a privileged society. At the same time she writes vividly on a number of aspects of the social history of the time.

The book gives glimpses of famous people who visited her parents' home. There are amusing accounts of the 'suffering' endured by her parents when entertained by some well-meaning people.

The book ends with her marriage to the Hon. Maurice Lubbock: can we therefore expect a sequel to this warm-hearted book?

People in Glass Houses
Adelaide Lubbock. Hamish Hamilton 1978.