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Mr Wilson’s Model Village

Following the articles (Nov 199 and March 2000) and letters about the model villages built by Mr Edgar Wilson, for interest I have enclosed copies of newspaper cuttings from 1945 of Mr Wilson and his front garden at 70 Hamilton Road.

Just prior to the war my and brother and I took a quantity of small bricks and tiles to his house. We were allowed a good look around and then he took us through to his workshop in the back garden. Here he showed us his moulds for the making of the oast house roofs and other units. It was fascinating for us at the age of about six and seven years old.

I believe a start had been made for a layout in number 72 Hamilton Road. Unfortunately they are no longer there. I have however a small trough similar to the one in the photograph salvaged from the back garden. The tiles appear to have been surplus to those used by our father to make an entrance to the front door of our house at 264 Rommany Road. It was about six feet square. Fortunately I was able to save a small number before the bulldozers moved in. I have been able to reproduce a small square. This terrace was demolished and has been renamed The Vale.

The houses that were set up in Brockwell Park were vandalized many years ago. All that remains are three buildings in a dilapidated state. In May 2000 these were by the walled garden.

G H Gent

The enclosures are not available as part of this retyped article. Ed.

The Norwood Review Edition #152.