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Besides a hamlet called Blind Corner, a part-time beer house and a few cottages around a crossroads there was little else to speak of South Norwood in 1800 - not even the place name existed; yet by the 1850's it was to begin growing into a significant suburb firstly of Croydon, then of London. This talk, the first of three, looks at some of the features of the topography and built environment that brought about this change during the mid-19th and early twentieth century.

The Norwood Society

In 1960 a group of far-sighted local citizens founded the Norwood Society. Their aim was not just to keep our locality a pleasant place to live in, but also to preserve its heritage where possible and to bring to  the public’s knowledge its history and the many famous people who, at some time in their lives, were its residents.

Our founder members would be gratified to see Norwood today with its many interesting buildings retained. A sub-committee reviews planning applications in SE19, SE25 and SE27. Where it finds that plans for alterations and new buildings do not improve or enhance a location, comments are sent to the relevant Planning Authorities. The Norwood Society maintains an interest in major developments in the Norwood area, and where possible provides active support to residents’ groups and other amenity societies in objecting to them where they adversely affect the character of the area, or are otherwise unsuitable.

The Society organises guided walks in the Summer months. It also organises a programme of illustrated talks for 9 months of the year. These are interesting and sociable events with time for refreshments. Our members are informed of these meetings through the Norwood Review and by email, through the website and social media.

Since its foundation the Society has published its quarterly Norwood Review where you will find updates on planning applications, book reviews and numerous articles on local people and events in times past.

This website brings in many enquiries from researchers and individuals. Many articles, written over many years, have been reproduced here. On this website you will also find details of the publications that we stock and which may be ordered.

You can find our Norwood Street Histories site at: https://norwoodstreethistories.org.uk

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