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Filing CabinetEnquiries about the Norwood Society Archives should be addressed to either the Secretary or the Chairman (see Contact Us).

  • The Society’s archives are not accessible at present

The Warwick Archives (a separate collection) are held at the Lambeth Archives, 52 Knatchbull Road, Camberwell SE5 9QY (telephone: 020 7926 6076, email: ).

Permission is required for the reproduction or publication of any of the items listed.

Additionally we have the author’s indices in PDF format for the following publications: Norwood. A Second Selection (of photographs); Britain in Old Photographs - Norwood; and Norwood Past

Research Agents

We can give you the names and addresses of several private research agents who, for payment, may be able to assist you in your searches. However, we cannot conduct negotiations on your behalf nor can we accept any liability. These names were made available by the British Library in June 2008. Please send an email to if you would like to see this list.

Births, Marriages and Deaths

If you are hoping to complete your family tree, these web sites can help you.

Further Information Sources

An amazing amount of 19th and 20th century English news was printed in New Zealand and Australian newspapers. Many of their historic papers are available on line, free of charge.

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